Citizen replica launches 1 mm thickness movement.

Since Citizen's first solar-powered analog quartz watch was introduced in 1976,replica omega photodynamic technology has been around for 40 years. To celebrate this landmark year, Citizen held the “Eco-Drive Lounge” theme tour at seven international airports around the world. After Dubai and Singapore, the tour officially landed in China in December and began a one-month exhibition at the terminal hall of Terminal 2 of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

In the era of energy crisis in the mid-1970s, Citizen developed a core technology of light kinetic energy, which converts electricity into electricity to provide lasting power for the operation of the watch by absorbing any visible light, including natural light and artificial light. For 40 years, Citizen has continuously broken through innovation and expanded its technological boundaries. It has launched a series of slimmer, smaller and lighter kinetic energy watches to explore and create real possibilities to make the world a better place.

Combined with the theme of the 40th anniversary of the kinetic energy, the design of the "Eco-Drive Lounge" global theme tour Shanghai Station follows the creative concept of this year's Basel Watch Fair, with the background of gold and silver movements as the background, showing the Citizen light Thinking about the future with time.

In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of optical kinetic energy, Citizen also launched a series of unique watches with distinctive features and advanced technology, which also appeared in this tour. The Eco-Drive One is a special commemorative watch for the 40th anniversary of the kinetic energy, which has been redesigned for every component and construction of the movement to achieve an unprecedented slim experience.

“One” means that the movement of the watch is only 1 mm thick. The dial and internal components that show time are compressed to the extreme, placed in a 2.98 mm slim case. Quietly gazing at this watch, you will feel: time has surpassed the physical form of the watch. Just 1 mm of space is full of Citizen's infinite passion and creativity, fully demonstrating Citizen's leading position in the field of optical kinetic energy and its professional strength as a small global watchmaker.