Ebohr Epoch Replica: Fine art opens an elegant life

The word "fine art" represents the course of EBO's continuous climbing to the international watch series and also the symbol of "China's high-end manufacturing". Tao Li, managing director of EBO, explained: "There is two meanings in the art of opening an elegant life: the first meaning is self-satisfaction, and the other meaning is advocacy. The watch industry generally believes that China is a major watchmaking country. But it is also a weak country. 'Made in China' is even branded with low quality and low price, 'Swiss Made' is labeled as expensive but value for money. Epoch is aiming at Swiss brands. Learn their professional attitudes and watchmaking skills, and provide consumers with a good product that rivals the Swiss brand, thus achieving the sustainable development of national brands.

In the current international competition of the watch market,replica rolex Ebo's "fine art" line and proposition also represent the dream of the Chinese watch "Phoenix Nirvana", but also reflects the improvement of living standards and changes in consumer attitudes. The watch consumer market is more pursuing quality, taste and personality. Tao Li said that people's attitude towards life is changing, watches are gradually becoming a symbol of taste, and the quality and cultural connotation of watches are getting more and more attention. Therefore, Yibo must practice design, manufacture, promote, and sell fine products. Development strategies to cater to the changes in the attitudes and consumption orientations of Chinese people, in short, to "do the table."

With the admiration and pursuit of the soul of Jingyi, Yibo combines the concept of "good-looking" into the masterpiece of this year's new product--"Master Legend" series watch. In the details of the production and innovation of the "Masters", all of them are based on the quality standards of high-end Swiss watches: the perseverance of the design and manufacturing process, and strive to inherit the master style.

The "Master Legend" series is a Swiss original thin complex automatic mechanical movement. All appearance parts adopt NCT high-tech anti-wear technology to enhance the hardness of the watch's pure stainless steel appearance parts. Anti-corrosion and anti-wear make the watch last forever. Configurable top-of-the-line watch with exclusive blue needle, anti-reflective film processing sapphire crystal, retro moon phase display, dynamic and integrated "Starry Night Sky" innovative design, hidden in the wrist between the stars and the moon, full of classical flavor 18K rolex replica rose gold case, buckle, crown, with a rare South American crocodile leather strap, highlighting the extraordinary elegance; 300 limited editions worldwide, each with a unique collection certificate from the world to highlight Rong identity

According to the wave of the pursuit of perfection of details and the attitude of fine art production, Ipoh is condensed into thousands of elegant gestures on the wrist. This is not only the fulfillment of Yibo’s "good watch" commitment, but also the wave of "fine art to open an elegant life." "The starting point of the new vision.